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Dated: 06th of July, 2013
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Annual Update of Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List - 1 July 2013.
The Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL) has changed from 1 July 2013, with seven new occupations to be added.

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Dated: 03rd of January, 2013
Australian marriage visa fees increases w.e.f. , January 1, 2013
The Acting Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Kate Lundy, has just announced some changes to the visa pricing system for anyone wishing to enter the country under the partnership policy sponsored by an Australian Citizen or legal permanent resident

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Dated: 26th of September, 2012
Australia implements Label Free Visa Processing
Applicants for Australian visa will no longer require to submit the original passport along with the Visa application with the introduction of Label free Visa regime.

Visa Label

Australia does not require a person holding a valid Australian visa to have a label in their passport to travel to, enter or remain in Australia. Australia's electronic visa system enables visa status to be confirmed electronically.

Dated: 18th of September, 2012
IELTS scam, Curtin University employee charged with fraud
An inquiry into an English language test scam at Curtin University has found usernames and passwords were shared to falsify scores.

A Corruption and Crime Commission report tabled in Parliament today found a former Curtin University staff member accepted bribes to log into the International English Language Testing System under another staff member's name to change scores. The tests are part of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship's application process for visas or permanent residency.

Mr Kok Keith Low, a former staffer at the university, is one of 12 people to receive sentences for a total of 73 counts of bribery.

Mr Low is currently serving a two-year sentence over his involvement in the scheme.The report said a number of factors allowed Mr Low to alter the scores of those doing the IELTS tests including:

  • Curtin staff were involved in the testing shared usernames and passwords to access the Australia-wide IELTS database if it crashed, allowing Mr Low to logon using the name of other staff.

  • The IELTS database could only detect the last score entered and could not track changes made to test scores.

  • Periodical audits of the test forms used in the tests were not conducted. Curtin University has since cancelled its involvement in IELTS and the database has been upgraded.
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Dated: 27th of August, 2012
Skill Select: First round offers go to skilled professionals

Doctors, dentists, nurses and engineers have dominated the first round of skilled migrants invited to formally apply for visas under the government’s new online SkillSelect service. 

Accountants, ICT analysts and programmers were also strongly represented in the 100 invitations in the first round, which drew the highest scoring candidates from the initial expressions of interest (EOI).

“This is an excellent result for the economy, employers, and ultimately for Australia,” a spokesman from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) said today. 

“SkillSelect helps to ensure the skilled migration program is based on the economic needs of Australia. It supports the government in managing who can apply for skilled migration, when they can apply and in what numbers.”

More than 10 000 skilled people have completed EOIs through since it went live on July 1.

Earlier this month, the first automated invitation round for skilled independent (90 visas) and skilled regional family-sponsored (10 visas) was completed. 

The lowest points score invited was 75 points in both the skilled independent and skilled family sponsored visas.  This is significantly above the 60 point pass mark, and demonstrates the quality of the skilled people interested in migrating to Australia, and the benefits of selecting only the best.

“The points score varied from 75 up to 85 across the two visa subclasses,” the spokesman said.

“Additionally, almost 400 skilled people have been invited since July 1 following nominations lodged by state and territory governments.

“More than 160 of these invited clients have already lodged their visa applications, and the others have 60 days to lodge their documentation using DIAC’s electronic lodgement system,” he added.

Full details of the first round of SkillSelect visa invitations are available at

For more information on the first round offers and statistics on SkillSelect go to

Dated: 03rd of July, 2012
w.e.f. 1st July , 2012 New Skilled occupations List are in demand

Changes to the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) w.e.f. 1st July, 2012. Four occupations will be added to the list and four occupations will be removed.

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Dated: 28th of June 2012
Revision of visa fees

The Visa fees for applications lodged in India and Nepal will be revised from 1 July 2012.

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Dated: 18th of June 2012
Australian Foreign students to get two to four years of Post Study Work Permit;

A move being resisted by local unions, much to the amusement of foreign students, The Australian government will relax immigration rules next year to allow all foreign students who graduate from Australian universities to be eligible for work visas lasting two to four years.

The new rules would
potentially allow all 220,000 foreign university students in Australia to work in any job once they graduate in an attempt to curb the labour shortage and to boost Australia's education exports

Under the current
system, only graduates who have studied for a skilled occupation - including the trades, medicine, engineering, architecture, accounting and teaching - may work in Australia for up to 18 months. Other foreign students must leave Australia within a month of graduation.

But, from next year, visas will be granted to all graduates regardless of their field of study. The 18-month time limit will also be extended to two years for graduates with a bachelor degree, three years for a master's degree and four years for a doctorate, the report said.

Visa holders will need "competent English" and health insurance, besides having to pass health, character and security requirements. Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said the expansion of the Skilled Graduate visa scheme would "help to enhance the competitiveness" of Australia's A$18 billion (S$23 billion) inbound student industry.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions, the largest peak body representing workers in Australia, and the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), lobbied the Immigration Department last year against expanding student work permits. CFMEU construction division national secretary, Mr Dave Noonan, criticised the new rules.

"There are some very serious job losses in the construction industry," he said, adding: "There is already significant exploitation of workers under student visas and this will probably see that increase." Agencies

Dated: 23rd of March 2012
Changes in Australian student Visa guidelines with effect from 24 March 2012, Australia in a damage control mood.....

Amendments of Migration Regulations 1994 Relating to Student Visas


24 March 2012 Client summary
    From 24 March 2012, the Migration Regulations 1994 ('the Regulations') are amended to:
  • provide for a new subset of eligible Subclass 573 (Higher Education Sector), 574 (Postgraduate Research Sector), and 575 (Non-Award Sector) visa applicants enrolled to study certain courses at certain specified education providers, who would be subject to new visa requirements similar to the existing Assessment Level (AL) 1 criteria, which are intended to enable a streamlined visa process for those eligible higher degree students and eligible university exchange students
  • provide that the Minister may specify the education providers eligible to participate in the streamlined visa processing arrangements in an instrument in writing, including their nominated educational business partner providers
  • exempt the Minister from the requirement to specify a course in an instrument in writing made under regulation 1.40A if the course would be undertaken by eligible Subclass 573 (Higher Education Sector), 574 (Postgraduate Research Sector), and 575 (Non-Award Sector) visa applicants
  • exempt eligible higher degree students and eligible university exchange students from the AL regime and the requirements set out in Schedule 5A to the Regulations
  • provide new visa requirements for Subclass 580 (Student Guardian) visa applicants whose nominating student was an eligible higher degree student or eligible university exchange student at the time their visa was granted
  • repeal a Subclass 571 (Schools Sector), Subclass 572 (Vocational Education and Training Sector), Subclass 573 (Higher Education Sector), Subclass 574 (Postgraduate Research Sector) and Subclass 580 (Student Guardian) visa as visas for the purposes of regulation 2.07AO
  • repeal certain provisions that are considered to be spent for Subclass 571 (Schools Sector), Subclass 572 (Vocational Education and Training Sector), Subclass 573 (Higher Education Sector), Subclass 574 (Postgraduate Research Sector) and Subclass 580 (Student Guardian) visas providing for persons designated under regulation 2.07AO in Parts 571, 572, 573, 574, and 580 in Schedule 2 to the Regulations
  • amend English language requirements for Subclass 571 (Schools Sector) visa applicants subject to AL4 to be consistent with AL1 to AL3 English language requirements for that visa
  • increase the maximum duration of English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS) (or other English language tuition) to 50 weeks for Subclass 571 (Schools Sector) visa applicants subject to AL3 or AL 4 who are not secondary exchange students and will undertake an ELICOS (or other English language tuition) before commencing their principal course
  • require Subclass 571 (Schools Sector) visa applicants subject to AL 5 who are not secondary exchange students and will undertake an ELICOS (or other English language tuition) before commencing their principal course, to give evidence that the ELICOS (or other English language tuition) will have a duration of no more than 50 weeks
  • provide that Subclass 580 (Student Guardian) visa holders may undertake ELICOS study of less than 20 hours per week while holders of that visa, while maintaining the three month study restriction for any other studies or training that is not ELICOS
  • clarify that secondary applicants subject to AL4 must give a declaration stating that they have access to funds from an acceptable source that are sufficient to meet certain costs for the remainder of their proposed stay in Australia after the first 24 months.
Affected legislation

The following provisions of the Regulations are amended:
Regulation 1.40A is substituted:
Subregulation 1.41(1) is substituted:
Subregulation 1.41(1A) is inserted:
Subregulation 1.42(7) is substituted:
Paragraphs 2.07AO(3)(n) to (r) are omitted:
Paragraphs 2.12BF(1)(m) to (q) are omitted:
Schedule 2, clause 570.229 is substituted:
Schedule 2, subclause 571.223(2) is substituted:
Schedule 2, clause 571.230 is amended:
Schedule 2, clause 571.235 is substituted:
Schedule 2, subparagraph 571.312(2)(d)(ii) is substituted :
Schedule 2, paragraph 571.312(2)(e) is omitted:
Schedule 2, subclause 572.223(2) is substituted:
Schedule 2, clause 572.230 is amended:
Schedule 2, clause 572.234 is substituted:
Schedule 2, subparagraph 572.312(2)(d)(iii) is substituted:
Schedule 2, paragraph 572.312(2)(e) is omitted:
Schedule 2, Division 573.1, the heading is substituted:
Schedule 2, clause 573.111, definitions of educational business partner; eligible :
education provider; and eligible higher degree student are inserted:
Schedule 2, clause 573.112 is inserted :
Schedule 2, clause 573.212 is inserted:
Schedule 2, paragraph 573.223(1)(b) is amended:
Schedule 2, subclause 573.223(1A) is inserted:
Schedule 2, subclause 573.223(2) is substituted:
Schedule 2, clause 573.230 is substituted:
Schedule 2, clause 573.231 is substituted:
Schedule 2, clause 573.234 is substituted:
Schedule 2, subparagraph 573.312(2)(d)(iii) is amended:
Schedule 2, paragraph 573.312(2)(e) is omitted:
Schedule 2, subparagraph 573.322(b)(ia) is inserted:
Schedule 2, Division 574.1, the heading is substituted:
Schedule 2, clause 574.111, definitions of educational business partner; eligible education provider; and eligible higher degree student are inserted:
Schedule 2, clause 574.112 is inserted:
Schedule 2, clause 574.212 is inserted :
Schedule 2, paragraph 574.223(1)(b) is amended :
Schedule 2, subclause 574.223(1A) is inserted:
Schedule 2, subclause 574.223(2) is substituted :
Schedule 2, clause 574.230 is substituted :
Schedule 2, clause 574.231 is substituted :
Schedule 2, clause 574.234 is substituted :
Schedule 2, subparagraph 574.312(2)(d)(iii) is amended :
Schedule 2, paragraph 574.312(2)(e) is omitted:
Schedule 2, subparagraph 574.322(b)(ia) is inserted:
Schedule 2, Division 575.1, the heading is substituted:
Schedule 2, clause 575.111, definitions of eligible education provider; and eligible university exchange student are inserted :
Schedule 2, clause 575.112 is inserted :
Schedule 2, clause 575.212 is inserted :
Schedule 2, paragraph 575.223(1)(b) is amended:
Schedule 2, subclause 575.223(1A) is inserted :
Schedule 2, subclause 575.223(2) is substituted :
Schedule 2, clause 575.231 is substituted :
Schedule 2, clause 575.234 is substituted :
Schedule 2, subparagraph 575.322(b)(ia) is inserted :
Schedule 2, clause 576.232 is substituted :
Schedule 2, clause 580.114 is amended :
Schedule 2, subparagraph 580.211(2)(d)(iii) is substituted :
Schedule 2, paragraph 580.211(2)(e) is omitted :
Schedule 2, paragraph 580.226(1)(b) is amended:
schedule 2, paragraph 580.226(1A)(a) is omitted :
Schedule 2, paragraph 580.226(1A)(b) is amended :
Schedule 2, paragraph 580.226(1A)(d) is amended :
Schedule 2, subclause 580.226(1B) is omitted :
Schedule 2, subclause 580.226(6) is inserted :
Schedule 2, subparagraph 580.311(2)(d)(iii) is substituted :
Schedule 2, paragraph 580.311(2)(e) is omitted :
Schedule 5A, subclause 5A301(1A) is inserted :
Schedule 5A, subclause 5A304(1) is substituted :
Schedule 5A, subclause 5A304(2) is amended :
Schedule 5A, subclauses 5A304(3) to (10) are omitted :
Schedule 5A, subclause 5A307(2) is amended :
Schedule 5B, paragraph 5B201(2)(d) is amended :
Schedule 8, clause 8201 is substituted. :

Additional information


Transitional provisions:

The amendments apply to applications for visas made on or after 24 March 2012.


The following forms will be amended to reflect these amendments:
  • Form 157A Application for a student visa
  • Form 157G Application for a Student Guardian visa
  • Form 157N Nomination of a student guardian
  • Form 919 Nomination of student dependants
  • Information form – Applying for a student visa
  • Information form – Applying for a Student Guardian visa.
  • The following forms will be withdrawn as a result of these amendments:
  • Form 1216 Schools Sector – English Proficiency Details of nominated education agent
  • Form 1218 Schools Sector – English Proficiency Advice on tests
  • Form 1252 Supplementary form – Student visa subclass 571 (Schools Sector).

PAM3 will be amended to reflect these changes by 24 March 2012.

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Dated: 03rf of July 2011
Drastic Immigration Changes for Australia

Australia introduced drastic changes to its immigration policy to curb the labour shortage & in making its shores open to better & skilled immigrants by raising points for IELTS scores, changes in Age factor & other important points.

These changes are done for using the resources for contribution to the economy of Australia.

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Dated: 20th of May 2011
TOEFL makes its way for Australia student visa

TOEFL test made its way for Australian student visas, breaking the decade old monopoly of IELTS, being conducted by IDP Australia, with joint partners British Council & University of Cambridge.

Administered by ETS from America, TOEFL is presently conducted online (computer based), with same four modules being tested for. What is to be seen is with its poor infrastructure & non-proffessional test conducting practices, can TOEFL make a dent in the firmly established market of IELTS in India & China, where students always prefer pen & paper exams, & an exam which makes tham more comfortable.

Dated: 20th of April 2011
Free for all at Sydney's Villawood Detention Centre, in Australia

Over one hundred Asylum seekers & other detainees at Sydneys Villawood detention centre set fire to many buildings with an Oxygen cylinder being set alight, which led to explosion. Fire fighters had tough time in controlling the fire in over nine buildings.

Protesters climbed atop the roof tops & hurled tiles, furniture at the officials. Over 400 people were detained, including those who have overstayed or Asylum applications pending.

Dated: 21st of Dec. 2010
Australia Student Visa Rules Relaxed

All the student visa applications that would be lodged on or after April 01, 2011, the students would need to show funds for only two years of the studies. At present the requirement is for three years. In future funds are required to be only three-months old against the six-months old current requirement. As per the new law students can show the funds of any individual against the current legal requirement, which limits the sponsorship to applicant's spouse, parents, siblings, grandparents and uncle or aunt meeting a certain criterion.

But the fact to be seen is that will these new immigration law help Australia to counter the rising Australian Dollar, filling in the empty couffeurs of Australian education sector facing the worst ever crisis. As there are a few takers of Australian education in the wake of tough immigration rules which is the prime reason of attraction for Indians than to education.

Dated: 17th of Dec. 2010
Australia under pressure to reconsider stringent student visa rules

Australia is considering relaxing its student visa norms, with pressure mounting on the country after relaxed visa norms applied by Canada & New Zealand diverting the potential students to these countries. .The federal government has bowed to pressure from the country's tertiary institutions over international student visa criteria, The Age reported on its website.
Critics say that the delay in processing student visas has hurt the international students market in the country & often changes in Australian immigration law further did the job to divert students to countries like New Zealand & Canada. Universities, Colleges cried foul over the attitude of policy makers, with their budgets shrinking & definite job cuts to be applied.
Announcing a review of student visas Wednesday, Tertiary Education Minister Chris Evans conceded that changes were necessary to prop up the ailing sector, worth $4.5 billion to Victoria state each year.
"The Australian international education sector has come under increasing pressure as a result of the rising value of the Australian dollar, the ongoing impact of the global financial crisis in some countries, and growing competition from the United States, New Zealand and Canada for international students," Senator Evans said.
New measures to shore up student numbers include: Reducing assessment levels from April 2011, including the higher education visa assessment levels for applicants from China and India. The most recent international student figures show a 1.4 percent decline in enrolments since December last year - in stark comparison to the past eight years, in which the sector grew 11 percent a year.
Senator Evans said the review would consider ways to "better manage immigration risk" and recommend ways to improve partnerships between education providers and visa-processing arrangements.
Headed by former NSW minister for the Sydney Olympics Michael Knight, the review is scheduled to report back to Senator Evans and Immigration Minister Chris Bowen by mid-2011.
Australia should understand the needs of immigration of the international students before formulating policies, any misuse of these policies is not the strength of applicant, but is weakness of the immigration authorities.

Dated: 26th June, 2010
Latest changes in Australian Immigration

Australian Skilled Occupations List

Accounting and Finance

221111Accountant (general)
221213External auditor
221214Internal auditor
221112Management accountant
221113Taxation accountant

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing

234111Agricultural consultant
234112Agricultural scientist


233911Aeronautical engineer
233912Agricultural engineer
233913Biomedical engineer
233111Chemical engineer
233211Civil engineer
312211Civil engineer draftsperson
312212Civil engineer technician
233311Electrical engineer
312311Electrical engineer draftperson
312312Electrical engineer technician
233411Electronics engineer
133211Engineering manager
233914Engineering technologist
233915Environmental engineer
233212Geotechnical engineer
233511Industrial engineer
233112Materials engineer
233512Mechanical engineer
233611Mining engineer (excluding petroleum)
233612Petroleum engineer
233513Production or plant engineer
233214Structural engineer
233215Transport engineer


233916Naval architect
231212Ship's engineer
231213Ship's master
231214Ship's officer


313211Radiocommunications technician
263311Telecommunications engineer
313212Telecommunications field engineer
263312Telecommunications network engineer
313213Telecommunications network planner
313214Telecommunications technical officer or technologist

Information Technology

261311Analyst programmer
261312Developer programmer
261111ICT business analyst
261313Software engineer
261112Systems analyst

Health Care & Medical Industry

253512Cardiothoracic surgeon
253313Clinical haematologist
253314Clinical oncologist
272311Clinical psychologist
411211Dental Hygienist
411212Dental Prosthetist
252311Dental specialist
411213Dental technician
411214Dental therapist
272312Educational psychologist
253912Emergency medicine specialist
253111General medical practitioner
253317Intensive care specialist
253399Internal medicine specialist nec
134211Medical administrator
251211Medical diagnostic radiographer
253999Medical practitioners nec
251212Medical radiation therapist
251213Nuclear medicine technologist
254411Nurse Practitioner
134212Nursing clinical director
253913Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
252411Occupational therapist
272313Organisational psychologist
253514Orthopaedic surgeon
253516Paediatric surgeon
253517Plastic and reconstructive surgeon
134213Primary health organisation manager
272399Psychologists nec
254499Registered nurse
254412Registered nurse (aged care)
254413Registered nurse (Child and Family Health)
254414Registered nurse (community health)
254415Registered nurse (critical care and emergency)
254416Registered nurse (development disability)
254417Registered nurse (disability and rehabilitation)
254421Registered nurse (medical practice)
254418Registered nurse (medical)
254422Registered nurse (mental health)
254423Registered nurse (perioperative)
254424Registered nurse (surgical)
253322Renal medicine specialist
253311Specialist physician
252712Speech pathologist
253511Surgeon (general)
253324Thoracic medicine specialist
253521Vascular surgeon

Aircraft Maintenance Trades

323111Aircraft maintenance engineer (avionics)
323112Aircraft maintenance engineer (mechanical)
323113Aircraft maintenance engineer (structures)


241111Early childhood (pre-primary school) teacher
241411Secondary school teacher
241599Special education teachers nec
241511Special needs teacher
241512Teacher of the hearing impaired
241513Teacher of the sight impaired


232112Landscape architect

Surveying and Valuing

224511Land economist
233213Quantity surveyor

Social and Community Services

134111Child Care centre manager
272511Social worker
134214Welfare centre manager

Science and Research

234611Medical laboratory scientist

Construction and Building

133111Construction project manager
133112Project builder
232611Urban and regional planner

Automotive Trades

321111Automotive electrician
321212Diesel motor mechanic
321211Motor mechanic (general)
321213Motorcycle mechanic
321214Small engine mechanic
324311Vehicle painter

Metal and Machinist Trades

322311Metal Fabricator
322211Sheetmetal trades worker

Construction Trades

331211Carpenter and Joiner
333211Fibrous plasterer
332211Painting trades workers
333212Solid plasterer

Electrical Trades

342211Electrical linesworker
341111Electrician (general)
341112Electrician (special class)
342313Electronic equipment trades worker
342314Electronic instrument trades worker (general)
342315Electronic instrument trades worker (special class)

General Trades

334112Airconditioning and mechanical services plumber
342111Airconditioning and refrigeration mechanic
341113Lift mechanic
334111Plumber (general)
322312Pressure Welder
334115Roof plumber
342212Technical cable jointer
333411Wall and floor tiler
322313Welder (first class)