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Navdeep Singh Sandhu

 Mr. Navdeep Singh Sandhu

What can I say, other than, "Thank you from the depth of my heart."

I am proud to say today that I got associated with Sundlass for student visa, start from admissions. They always maintained, Navdeep we are here to give you solutions & success, & they did.

I am guarantee of the professionalism of "Sundlass", they are unbelievable when it comes to American Student Visa.
Ravneet Kaur

 Ms. Ravneet Kaur

"O, Sundlass", thanks you!!!

All the credit of my visa goes to "Sundlass"!

Their unique way of preparing for interview, their documentation, filing of universities, selection of universities, all excellent. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Ranbir Singh Jasmeen Kaur   Ajaypal Singh Thind Ravneet Kaur
Tourist Visa to Japan

All the way from Sultanpur Lodhi to Chandigarh; because my kids wanted to see Disneyland in Tokyo, Japan. "Ku dos to Sundlass, we're back.

Package tour to Japan by Chuttiyan.com

Dr. Ashiv Kumar Bhakhri
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 Dr. Ashiv Kumar Bhakhri

NBDE Visa for America, Dental Doctor

Travelling to Chandigarh to take services of Sundlass Consultants Inc. for American Visa, NBDE Part-1 is worth. Once I took their services, starting from Evaluation to booking appointment at NBDE, I am guarantee of their professionalism.

Keeping me updated on every minute, with their online facility, working for embassy documentation to preparing for interview, every thing worth credibility. If you are a BDS & want to get a career, as per me there is no better solution than "Sundlass Consultants".

   Dr. Ashiv Kumar Bhakhri, BDS, Gian Sagar Dental College & Hospital, Ram Nagar, Banur.

Priyanka Kanojia
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 Priyanka Kanojia

Australia Immigrant Visa (Spouse Visa)

I hail from Jammu, am a Physiotherapist & got married to Mr. Varun Kanojia from Amritsar but settled in Adelaide, Australia.

Hundreds of Companies & consultants are available in Punjab & Australia, but we required utmost perfection, & today when I landed in Australia, I can say, "Yes", commitments, professionalism perfection, 24 hrs availability to client, all clubbed together means, "SUNDLASS".
Priyanka Kanojia

 Rupali Sharma

Canada Immigrant Visa

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Dharvinder Singh Raina

 Dharvinder Singh Raina

I am born in Nepal, but with Indian passport living in Jammu.

Got huge trouble & was stuck. Finally my friend admired me of "SUNDLASS". Today on 29th of December 2012, in flying out of India with a month's Visa.
Cheers, "SUNDLASS"!
Ravneet Kaur

 Ravneet Kaur D/O Ravinder Singh, Sec.- 45, Chandigarh, B. Tech, Electronics and Communication Engineering

Scoring 310 in GRE made all my dreams came true in fellowship in American University.

In the beginning, when I came to know that GRE Coaching only for 45 days, I was bit apprehensive, But when the days started passing, I became confident and confident and now my score proof the credibility of TEA- The English Academy.

Jasdeep Singh Maan

 Jasdeep Singh Maan, S/O Amrik Singh Maan, Jalandhar, Punjab

Scholarship for US$ 60,000.

When applied in only 4 Universities, I was afraid, if any I-20 will be relieved now out of 4 universities applied. I have I-20 with me and rest to release with the scholarship of 60,000 US$.
Parampartik Singh

 Parampartik Singh, S/O Parminder Singh, Faridkot, Punjab

American (United States ) Student Visa for Bachelor's.

With 75% tuition fees bearer for bachelor in Computer Science at New York. I was on top of earth. My teacher and parents were delighted on this success of mind which was given to me by none other than "SUNDLASS"

Anureet Kaur Gill

 Anureet Kaur Gill, Ludhiana Punjab

Assistantship for MBA in Ball State University.

I travelled all the way from New York to Chandigarh to take services of "SUNDLASS". Today I am on assistantship for MBA in Ball State University.
Dr. Mandeep Soi

 Dr. Mandeep Soi, Ferozepore Punjab

Student visa to Norway at the age of 45? But yes this is possible at "Sundlass". Once bitten is twice shy, my confidence was again instilled, after I took the services of "Sundlass".

Travelling all the way from Ferozepore to Chandigarh makes all the sense if you have to take the visa services from this immigration company. Not only visa they give you very refined advise & makes the procedure so simple.

Dr. Mandeep Soi

 Prakash Kaur, Puranpur, Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh

Visitor Visa to Australia

Travelling all the way to Chandigarh just for a visa to Australia? Every one advised me to go to Delhi, Bareilly but without even a single penny in the accounts & with limited source of income, what to do?

I listened to the advice of my heart & with consent of my husband just contacted "SUNDLASS", they gave me one time for counseling, I was updated on every thing in one go, after providing all the documents, within two days my file was deposited in the Australian High Commission, today my visa is granted.
Poonam Kanwar

 Poonam Kanwar, Jaipur Rajasthan

I interacted with many immigration consultants. Yes, today I can see proffessionalism & results. Each & every commitment is kept very respectfully.

One thing I like most is that they give you so much of mental support & guide so nicely that the hectic & tense procedure in fact becomes a cake walk. Once you are registered, they are freely available for any advice or may be to satisfy anxiety factor with a smile.