Immigration / Residency Visa to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore & Hong Kong

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"SUNDLASS" is best for Student Visas as this is the only company offering the policies of

Unbiased attitude towards any country

Unbiased approach towards any university/college

Selection of Universities based on clients academic performance

Selection of Universities where post job options with permanent residency/immigration is available

Universities from the top ranking global rankings

Preparing Statement of Purpose for the student

Preparing Letter of Intent Forwarding the documents to respective universities by courier

Working for successful admissions to be granted

Preparing Chartered Accountant reports for embassy documentation

Doing rest of the documentation for the embassy

Even the cost of notarization of educational certificates will be borne by the company

Preparing Letter of Recommendation for the students

A guarantee, visa will be granted, if not 100% refund of consultancy charges!!!

If you think it is great, Please select any plan!!