Immigration / Residency Visa to America

American Immigration Attorneys helps you file immigrant cases for family relations & aliens of American citizens in different categories, like F-4, F-2B. F-2A and many other. In addition to the family category petitions, students who completed education in USA or a foreigner on tourist visa too can get his status changed, converted into other categories of non-immigrant visas leading to permanent immigration commonly called as Green card in America.

After the immigrant petition has been approved (excluding DV applicants) by USCIS, then the next step is preliminary processing for a visa with the Department of State, National Visa Center. Visit Immigrant Visa Processing – the National Visa Center for information.

Download USCIS Forms

Types of Immigration

Immediate Relative and Family Sponsored Employment-Based

Special Immigrants

  • Employment: Religious Workers
  • Employment: Iraqis - Worked for/on behalf of U.S. Government
  • Employment: Afghans - Worked for/on behalf of U.S. Government
  • Employment: Iraqi or Afghan Translators/Interpreters
EB-5 Visa

Important USCIS Forms

DS - 160
Affidavit of Support I-134 (Non-Immigrant sponsorship)
Affidavit of Support I-864 (Immigrant sponsorship)
Biographic Information Form G-325


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